Centuries Of Tradition In
An Ancestral Recipe

The Mayans have prepared coffee and cacao in the same way for centuries, with sacred rituals and ancestral knowledge at the heart of every step.


Preparing these natural products and extracting their purest essence was a way to honour their gods, and to enjoy on special occasions the most incredible products that nature has to offer.


The recipes for those sacred brews were carefully and artfully preserved by some specially designated families who prepared the sacred who only passed down its secrets to the first-born of the following generation. 


This carried on for centuries until the arrival of Spanish Conquistadores, who put the entire Mayan in great peril. Sensing the danger coming, some tribal chiefs sent some families to hide in the mystical mountains of Lake Atitlán with the mission of preserving their ancestral knowledge and culture.



Recreating The Recipe Of
The Ancient Mayans

Over 500 years later, Carlos – the latest member of the family to inherit the recipe – and Marin – a passionate entrepreneur and world traveler – decided to unite their forces to create Cafecito Maya.


From the start until today, they are carried by the desire to bring the essence of Mayan coffee to the world, presenting the brew of the Mayan kings in its original form – through Essencia Perdida. 



At Cafecito Maya, we aim to introduce you to the timeless essence of coffee through an extraordinary experience of discovery and delight, while promoting 



At every step of the process, we follow the exact methods and traditions used by the Ancient Mayans before us, to bring you the earth’s purest and most delightful essence just like it was done centuries ago

Pride And History
In Every Step ​

Our coffee is cultivated using and an ancestral Mayan recipe and ancient agricultural methods passed down through generations, preserving the rich heritage of the land that craft it.



Our commitment to quality and tradition throughout the entire process from seed to cup is what makes us truly unique, allowing nature, culture and coffee to delight in an exceptional coffee experience.


Through every sip, we want to transmit our dedication to the land and the craft, and to share with you the  magical and enchanting aromas of the natural Mayan traditions.

Let Yourself Be
Carried To The
Origins Of Coffee

Cafecito Maya: The Coffee of Mayan Kings

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